Saccal Group Overview

SACCAL Group was founded in 1944 and originally concentrated its activities in the electric power generation and conversion industry. Since its initial inception, SACCAL has grown into a multifaceted private company, under the name SACCAL HOLDING S.A.L. and SACCAL SYSTEMS S.A.L. which branched out into serving a number of different sectors: Power Generation, Maintenance and After Sales Service, Power Plants, General Contracting, International Operations, Facility Management, and Power Conversion.

SACCAL HOLDING which is now headed by Mr.Maher Saccal (as Chairman - President - CEO) owns and manages the below companies:

-SACCAL Industries S.A.L.

-SACCAL Sigma S.A.R.L.

-SACCAL Enterprises S.A.L.

-SACCAL Facility Management S.A.L.

-SACCAL Off-Shore S.A.L.


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Saccal Worldwide

SACCAL S.A.L. is ISO 9001 certified
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