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SACCAL SIGMA  is the service company in Saccal Group which works hand in hand with its suppliers to permanently ensure customer satisfaction.

Technical Suport, the smooth running of our power plants relies on the technical support team, which oversees the implementation of complex installations and acts as an interface for all questions concerning maintenance of Saccal Generating Set installations.

Spare Parts, the spare parts department receives orders and organizes them according to their degree of urgency. The customer support team is responsible for flow management and ensuring that deadlines are met. In addition to spare parts and accessories for SACCAL generating sets, the spare parts department also manufactures its own range of products under the SACCAL ® brand. Thousands of parts are stocked, from full diesel engines to filters, control panels and electrical components. Saccal Sigma operates through a state of the art ERP system that ensures continuous availability of stocks.

Training, the role of SACCAL training department is to transfer technical knowledge to our distributors and customers. Our training programs are run by fully trained professionals using simulators to recreate various configurations, using innovative or more classic technologies. Our training courses programs are organized by theme and by level to ensure their suitability to each individual.

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SACCAL S.A.L. is ISO 9001 certified
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