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Power Generation
Renewable Energy
Assembling of Diesel and HFO Generating Sets
Manufacturing Sound Proof Canopies

SACCAL Industries S.A.L. works in partnership with internationally recognized diesel engine manufacturers, and with major suppliers of alternators. Moreover, our control panels are equipped with the best processors and protected by world class circuit brakers.

We use the latest technologies in manufacturing and assembly in order to provide our clients with the safest, most dependable, pratical, and durbale power solutions.

SACCAL's industrial facility spreads over an area of 15 thousand square meters in Taanayel, a central part of the Lebanese Bekaa, 45 Kilometers  east of Beirut and 15 Kilometers from the Lebanese-Syrian border. Since 1944, ISO certified SACCAL has always been the leading name in the manufacturing and assembly of premium quality generating sets, from planning and design, construction and production, to local, regional and international sales.

SACCAL's strategic location facilitates delivery to all countries, especially in the Arab world and Africa. our proximity to ports and boarders assures our clients fast and timely transportation.

Our strict in-house quality control policy and testing technology guarantees perfect product conditions, as every product under goes a set of comprehensive, internationally-recognized tests before it leaves our facility.

As our generating sets satisfy international standards such as ISO, DIN, BS, and others, one of our slogan's has always been "First class products".

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SACCAL S.A.L. is ISO 9001 certified
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