Saccal Sigma

SACCAL SIGMA | Warranty & After Sales Services

SACCAL Sigma S.A.R.L. is the service Wing of Saccal Group. The latter works directly with its suppliers to permanently ensure customer satisfaction.
SACCAL supports safety of power operations. While also maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. The After Sales department at SACCAL Sigma integrates technological consulting. And not to forget technical maintenance. Highly qualified technical specialists provide you with around-the-clock advice. A mind blowing 30 years of customer relationships. SACCAL developed competitive world class services, tailored to individual customer needs.

Spare   Parts

At some point in the life cycle of any product, certain parts will have to be replaced due to wear, obsolescence or misuse. A natural part of every product's lifetime. Equally Important, Preventative maintenance programs will help in detecting component wear before a failure occurs. In some rare occasions when a breakdown does halt the product, it's vital that replacement parts be close at hand, ready to install. That's why SACCAL Sigma S.A.R.L. stocks most of the components most subject to wear, ready for immediate delivery, wherever they are needed.
Thousands of parts are stocked, from full diesel engines to filters.
Control panels and electrical components. The spare parts department also manufactures its own range of products under the brand SACCAL.
SACCAL Sigma operates through a state of the art ERP system that ensures continuous availability of stocks.


To help customers take full advantage of our power generators/power plants, SACCAL has built and staffed a comprehensive product training center in its Watta Mousaitbe Branch.

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